The Little River Historical Society Inc. is always in the process of adding to our collection of documents and images relevant to the history and heritage of the area.Over the years, we’ve gathered and been given items of interest and value to our collection and we are  now seeking to expand this collection to establish an organised archival collection which will be available to members, guests and the community for research.

Caring for our collection

The Society is currently undertaking the development of Archiving Standards and Procedures in preparation for the cataloguing of the historical material already acquired. Members will then be involved in the cataloguing process, which will be conducted according to these standards and procedures.

In addition, an appropriate storage and research facility is to be established to house the collection. The Society is in the process of establishing funding for purchase of equipment through fundraising and applications for grants.

Once the existing information has been catalogued and stored, the Society will be actively seeking to expand the Collection through donations of historical material relevant to the Little River and surrounding area. The Society will also then undertake expansion of our facilities in order to provide public access to the collection on a regular basis.

Accessing the collection

Our collection is located at the Little River Mechanics Institute Library at the Mechanics Hall, Rothwell Road, Little River, and displays of items are regularly held throughout the year at events such as the Little River Primary School Fete. Research on individual family members can be carried out on your behalf – please contact us to find out more about this. A small fee may be charged for such research.

Donating to the collection

Of course, we are always delighted to receive items relating to the history and heritage of our area; documents and photographs that are provided will be kept in the permanent collection or copied for use. If you would like to donate an item, document or photograph to our collection, we would love to hear from you.